10 things to do when you resign at your current job

Thinking of resigning? Just because you are not happy and satisfied at your current job or you just got a better opportunity somewhere else? In either case, you want to resign and you should do it gracefully. When you quit a job, it is better not leave a mess and should leave in a professional way. I am giving my two cents on how to handle the resign process gracefully with your head held high.
  1. Tell your boss first: If you have finally decided to call it a day, talk to your boss first and let your boss know about your resignation before he/she finds it out from someone else. Even if you have a great working relationship with your colleagues at work, you should always let your boss know it first. Once the word is out, it is likely to reach boss anyway. It is very unprofessional to not tell your boss about your plans.
  2. Give resignation letter: Hand your resignation letter in writing to your boss stating only the reason of your leaving the company and your last working date at the present company. Even if it is not necessary to give a resignation letter, it is a professional way of saying that you are resigning. You need not write a long letter and revealing about your new job is also not necessary. Always be thankful for the current job in the letter.
  3. Give fair notice: Even if your employment letter says that you need to give 2 weeks of notice before leaving, always give fair amount of notice considering your current projects. You might be working on something very important which your boss needs more time to find your replacement or train someone to replace you. It is unprofessional to leave without showing any consideration to the impact your absence will have on the department.
  4. Offer training to your replacement: Before your boss asks you do it, offer to train your replacement. It is a nice thing to say and to do. It shows your commitment to your work.
  5. Don't blurt out: Don't blurt out how you felt at the organization. Do not let your negative feelings come out. Do not say anything offensive about any of your co-workers in your resignation letter. It is the time to let it go and leave on a positive note. You never know when you might run into them again.
  6. Work Diligently: Just because you have handed your resignation letter, it does not mean that you can be a slacker at work till your notice period. You should show your commitment and work diligently on the projects to show your professional ethics and be responsible till your last day at the organisation. 
  7. Respect counter-offers if needed: Don't assume that your boss with offer you a better package to stay. If your boss really wants you to stay, he/she may offer you a counter offer. You can accept it respectfully if you really want to stay and you like the counter offer. On the other hand, if you have no intentions to stay and are trying to flirt with the counter offer made to you, be ready to get your ego hurt. Your boss might be happy to let you go.
  8. Say good byes nicely: On your last day, don't forget to say good byes to everyone who worked with you nicely. You might have intolerable colleagues but it is the time to forget everything and move on. You probably would have learned something from them and do thank them nicely without any sarcastic comments. You never know when you may need references for your new job.
  9. Prepare yourself for a change: Change is a law of nature. It is always not easy to accept the change but it is perfectly normal. When you leave, you may feel an emptiness as you have spent a part of your life at your company. Be prepared to let these feelings go by preparing yourself for the new challenges at the new job. 
  10. Be proud of your company: You should never criticise or vent about the company you worked with before. Stay positive and proud of where you worked in the past and always say highly of the organisation as it has given an opportunity to soar where you are working presently.
Please share your suggestions if you think of any other important step one should take while resigning gracefully.


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    I have been looking for these tips and guide on how can i resign my job on good note. It requires time and effort into making sure to leaving job with grace.You have shared a great tips here that will help many to resign from job with grace. Thanks a lot!