Catch me if you can ! - Juvenile

124 days, yes, I had to spend 124 days at my job working diligently so that my probation period is over and I could secure my job officially. Someone has just secured his life taking advantage of those 124 days. You guessed it right !

This is about the juvenile who is labelled so just because he was 124 days or 6 months short of his 18th birthday at the time of the crime he committed. He is, therefore, not tried as an adult by the court irrespective of the violent nature of the alleged crime he committed. His other partners in crime are still behind the bars and waiting for the judgement of death penalty to be called into action, one of them eventually committing suicide. They are the culprits involved in the heinous gang-rape which shook the conscience of every human being who heard or read about it.

incredible opinions - Catch me if you can - Juvenile

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Everyone is so curious to know about at least the name of this juvenile whose information is not released so far. His identity has been hidden.On the contrary, Nirbhaya's real name has been publicly announced by her parents as Jyoti Pandey.

The juvenile has completed his 3 years of reformation period at the Juvenile Reformation Centre and is free now. Not forgetting to mention that he is given a sewing machine and a financial aid of Rs.10,000 by Delhi Government so that he can run his own little business to make his both ends meet. According to the counsellor who worked with him in reformation centre said that he hardly noticed any reformation in him over 3 years and he is rather not at all remorseful of his act. The worst part is that he did it to prove his masculinity over Nirbhaya.

What would be the future of the juvenile even if he is roaming free now? Would he consider himself free though? Would he be able to enjoy his freedom? Would he be able to prove it to the world that he is a changed man now? Would somebody be able to marry off their daughter to him so that he can have a family of his own?

The juvenile has learned the law better than many of us. He now knows how to use the law in his favour. In the reformation centre, he was given more protection than rest of his fellow mates in the crime. He protested in the reformation centre for his favourite staff to be brought back again and for his other rights which he knows well now. There should be some tests/evaluation which can evaluate the age of the mind not the body and thus prosecution should be based on the age of the mind.

Since the much awaited Juvenile Justice Bill has been passed, it is ensured that at least we won't have any other juvenile who'll try to save himself from the prosecution based on his age if he has committed a heinous crime. The bill, unfortunately, won't be able to deliver justice to Nirbhaya as her one of the rapists is freed before the bill is passed. Should I say "justice delayed is justice denied" or "better late than never !".