Forever, Interrupted - Book Review

Forever, Interrupted - Book Review - Incredible opinions
Forever, Interrupted ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Author:  Taylor Jenkins Reid
Published in:  July 2013
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“You won’t realize just how young you are until you aren’t that young anymore.” ― Taylor Jenkins Reid, Forever, Interrupted


My last and Taylor Jenkins Reid’s first novel chronologically, Forever, Interrupted is one of the best debut novels one can write. TJR has shown it from her very first book that she understands how to keep her reader turning pages one after another with her articulate prose. 

Forever, Interrupted is about a short relationship between Elsie and Ben. They dated and got married within six months until tragedy struck and Ben died. I repeat myself every time I write a review for any TJR book that I always end up learning something about me when I finish reading her book. What I learned from this book is that we need to hold on, no matter how strong, smart or tough we are. The world will always try to break us. 

The romantic relationship between Ben and Elsie and the repulsion between Elsie and her mother-in-law, Susan keeps the narration interesting. The characters are not flawless, yet they are likeable. They seem relatable and authentic. This book is about grief, love, forgiveness, friendship and discovery of self. 

If you are a TJR fan or want to read a book which is touching and powerful - grab this one!