Being Yourself

Being Yourself - Incredible Opinions

No one knows you better than yourself. You are the best judge of yourselves, how others perceive you is not entirely out of question but if you are true to yourself then people's perception hardly matters.
He who knows others is learned; he who knows himself is wise. - Lao Tzu
 Do you dress to impress people? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Even if you think people will like your dress, it is your own perception of people's reaction towards your dress. Nobody can force you dress to impress people unless there is a strict dress code requirement.

From your past experiences or from your perception, you know whom to believe or not. You may have made mistakes in the past but your intellectual self tells you whom not to trust for your well being. Also, who should deserve your love and importance is all decided by yourself. You may need guidance from others but the final decision should be upon the intellectual self.

Myself in one sentence - I'm my best friend

 That's true! A friend is someone who knows you and whom you can confide in. I have so many friends but my best friend is myself. Being a friend of myself, I have a friend for life. I can give myself comfort and support when there is no one else around. I spend a lot of time with myself discovering more about myself and make continuous efforts to make myself better than myself rather than anyone else. Since you cannot lie to yourself, there is no betrayal.