An Open Letter To Ms. Shobhaa De

The above tweet by Ms. Shobhaa De was the talk of the town last week. She tweeted the above message when few Indian players failed to perform at Rio Olympics in the first 2 days of the Rio Olympics 2016. She tweeted the above merciless message when 11 out of 124 Indians competing at the Olympics were out of their respective games and 113 were still in the competition. I am wondering what made her tweet such an uninspiring message when the whole nation of 1.292 billion is still praying for their players to do their best.

Ms. De, have you invested a large amount of money and time in training those athletes who couldn't make you proud which you were very disappointed about. Also, do you even know how these athletes qualified for olympics even when the country's sport governing bodies are labelled as corrupt? Since cricket is the most entertaining and the most popular sport in India, it is very tough for other sports to persevere. Athletes fight against all odds to make their marks in their respective sports and to qualify for the olympic games. If you know anything about sports, you should be familiar with terms called "team spirit" and "sportsmanship".

There has been numerous athletes who come from a very humble background and they have sacrificed almost everything they have in order to live up to their dream which is to play for their nation. When they fail to do so, you can't even imagine what they go through. Ms De, it is way tougher than killing time by hitting keys at laptop and tweeting nonsense.

Her name is Dipa Karmakar and not Karmarkar. Please proof read what you tweet as you have 734K people following you on twitter and they may be judging your writing abilities too. You do not need to tweet in haste with your sudden change of heart when you saw people's outrage at your previous tweet.

You probably didn't know but Dipa Karmakar, India's lone gymnast qualified for olympics, had her first vault made from parts of an old scooter. You should be proud of them that they are representing a country with 111 billionaires who has people criticizing them when they fail but never making efforts to raise the standard of training for athletes. Apparently, this never stops athletes from soaring ahead.

When an athlete from a humble financial background gets to play in the olympics after 4 years, he/she gets to see the other country's representatives on a bigger platform. What is wrong with taking selfies then? Will you not take a picture when you go somewhere you have dreamed all your life?

In my personal opinion, you should be doing what you are good at Ms. De. No, I am not talking about writing regularly on nonsensical topics. I am talking about celebrity pages which you can write very well and can garner a group of readers who are interested in knowing what celebrities wore at the weekend party and what they should have worn instead. You do not need such tweets to get public attention. You can leave olympics and India at olympics to the rest of the country who knows very well how to cheer her players even when the start was little gloomy.


  1. She plays such pranks mostly for publicity. She is a mediocre writer. The best thing would be to ignore her columns and tweets.

    1. You are right but it is sad to ignore that so many people follow her. She is a top columnist, a journalist, social commentator and opinion-shaper. I wonder how she manages to influence people.