My Secret Santa

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It is almost Christmas time and the shopping spree is on. When we are buying Christmas presents for everyone, we wish for our secret Santa as well. A person who is going to give us a special gift this Christmas. We all have a secret Santa in our lives who does not wait until the end of the year to reach us and make us happy with the shower of gifts. My sister is my secret Santa who never misses any opportunity to grant me my heartfelt wishes.

A sister, whom we share not only our DNA and genes but also our secrets, embarrassing moments and meaningful silences. My sister is older than me so she has seen me growing up. She has known me since the day I opened my eyes. Besides my parents, she always knows the best for me. Although siblings are known as the most competitive relationships at home yet my sister and I have always shared the strongest relationship.

An older sister knows when you have been good or bad. She has been through that phase of life a year or two before you and can guide you well. My sister has always been my mentor who I've looked upon for advice whenever needed.

She is the perfect embodiment of Santa for me as she represents the spirit of giving, sharing and believing in the best of each other.

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  1. Its really very good to know about the mental attachment of you and your sister.This is very much expected from our siblings. when i see the competition between the siblings its always makes me surprised, the whole world is there for our competition then why at home!!!!

    1. That's true Jyotirmoy. Sibling rivalry is the worst.

  2. Oh this is so sweet !!!! my sweet lil sister! !!!