Alone in the digital crowd

alone in the digital crowd - incredible opinions

"Would you come downstairs for dinner?", mom asked her son via text.

The son replied, "I am busy mom, would you mind sending me the dinner upstairs."

The mother takes the dinner upstairs for her son. Since her hands were full, she couldn't knock at the door and just barged in. The son got angry when his mother didn't bother to knock at the door only to find him super busy...... but on facebook.

If it is happening around you when everyone in the family needs to make an appointment to meet at dinner, it is not weird at all. If you are meeting with your friends at lunch in a restaurant but everyone is busy checking their phones rather than having a conversation, it is not weird at all. If you have more facebook friends than real friends, it is not weird at all. The only thing weird will be - not having social media accounts in 2017.

alone in the digital crowd 2 - incredible opinions

We humans have forgotten that technology never created the man. In fact,  the man has created it for his own benefit and should be able to control it. We have been using technology to that extreme, it is not appropriate to say that we have been abusing the real meaning of human relationships.

Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships. - David Alston

It is like choosing your friends who do you want to share your emotions with, have conversations with and spend time with.  We are making a big mistake by prioritizing people who exist in our life digitally than physically. Face to face conversations have ended. The term "socializing" has been narrowed down meeting and hanging out with people online. Social media serves us what the real world lacks for us on a personal level. If a person gets served better on social media, he/she is likely to get addicted to it.

Thankfully, I belong to a generation whose childhood was spent playing outdoors than on computer games. We don't get jealous of people, relationships, and lifestyles which may never exist. Let's concentrate on how our relationships feel than how they look when being posted online. Life is short and beautiful, let's just not waste it by clicking the mouse button unnecessarily!


  1. Agree with you, technology has made many people ungentle but its their fault, actually we have trapped ourselves.

    1. The onus is always on us humans to abuse/misuse/use something.