Zero - A Beginning

zero - a new beginning

After writing about heroes, it is time to write about Zero. An element from which all the heroes evolve. Zéro (French), Zefiro (Italian), Sifr (Arabic), Sunya (Sanskrit) - they all represent a term "empty" and in the modern world we know it as "Zero". Zero is a foundation and a fundamental start for all of us.

"Nothing" can be "Something"

Imagine the world without zero. Without zero, there will be no decimal system in place. The distance between planets, their orbits, their shapes and other heavenly bodies existing in the universe would not have been found out by humans. No algebra, financial accounting, calculus or arithmetic calculations are possible without zero, hence, no real mathematics. On a humorous note, we would have less to study and women wouldn't stress to get their figure size zero.

Every hero whom we idolize must have started from a zero. The concept of null, empty and nothingness emerged from zero. We all strived from a starting point which is always a zero and we calculate our success or failure based on this starting point which is defined by zero.

Power of Zero 

Zero is not just any number. It is the only number which is neither positive nor negative. Since it represents the border between the negative and positive numbers, it is perfect for a starting point on most of the scales. Be it chemistry, medical science or mathematics, all are considered incomplete without a zero. It is such a basic measurement from which all other things are measured.

The number which is always at the bottom of the keypad on our phones makes a lot of difference if it is placed after a number. For instance, $0001 is not equal to $1000. 
Zero is supposed to be nothing, but works wonders if on the right side.


  1. I like the hint of humour in your post on this otherwise philosophical subject.

    The heros started with zero - is a line well thought of.

    1. Thanks Saket. Heroes start from a zero to become number 1, seems like just a number difference but hard work takes it toll.

  2. Small but sweet article...the value of ZERO is invincible!!!
    People who score zero are not only those who do not participate in the game, but also those who play very well but have no goal in focus!!!

    1. To get a zero in the game means that someone has participated. Those who participated are the brave ones. The coward ones don't even have guts to participate. Someone has rightly said in these lines:
      “मंजिल मिल ही जाएगी भटकते हुए ही सही ,
      गुमराह थो वो है जो घर से निकले ही नहीं ”