The Fears, I Fear No More

The man is a social animal, as we all know. This social animal has his own state of mind which sometimes is encompassed by certain emotions. These emotions are not always pleasant. Some of them are categorized as "fearful emotions" or "phobias". Fear is one of the emotions which tells us that something is potentially dangerous for us which can cause threat or pain. These fearful emotions may get worse over the course of time but if we don't let them control our lives, we can ignore their presence. I have controlled 2 such fears in my life over the course of time - Monophobia and Anthropophobia.


Being emotionally attached to one's parents is very common in our culture. Monophobia is the name of such a fear when you are afraid of getting separated from someone to whom you are emotionally attached. I couldn't imagine myself separated from my parents when I went to university which was about 70 kilometers away from where we lived. Instead of living in a dormitory, I chose to travel every day for almost 2 hours so that I could see my family every day. It continued for 4 years till I finished my undergraduate studies.

I could have never overcome this fear of separation from the family if I stayed the way I was. I chose to come to Canada for my further studies all by myself, knowing that I'd never let my fear control my life goals. Making frequent trips to India, family visiting me in Canada, and connected via the internet, somehow, solved my homesickness and separation phobia to some extent. By owning my phobia, I believe that I have taken a bold step towards gaining control over my life goals as best I could.


Being a bookworm all my teenaged life, I had never been to any parties or social gatherings. I had always been afraid of meeting new people at any social places and would only feel comfortable if surrounded by people whom I knew. I was always afraid that people are judging me for everything including my style of dress and my choice of words. It is a form of social phobia. It could have worsened over the time.

I chose Anthropophobia to not overcome my beautiful and blessed life. In my last 9 years of life in Canada, I have been blessed to meet so many people in my life whom I never knew before. Being independent, I pushed myself through and started meeting people with confidence. With patience and fearlessness, I realized that social contact is one of the basic human needs. Consequently, I am the most the most social person in my family and is never afraid to strike a conversation with a stranger. It took some time and efforts from being an introvert to extrovert but the rewards are beyond beautiful.

Being afraid is a natural human behavior, but overcoming a fear makes us feel proud, empowered, and courageous.

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  1. Wonderful and yes, these two are very common phobias which we need to detach ourselves from!

  2. Phobias....oh well they exist in one's world but the interesting thing is how you overcome these and how you learn from the situations by staying away from these two evils. My point is simple either you fight with them or accept them as part of your life , I remember I used to have stage fears in my school days but then I took that as a challenge in my college days
    In a nutshell the more you surrender you get more prone to these phobias

    1. Right Harry, they do exist. It is all in the mind. As I mentioned in the post, the more you let them control your life, they worsen over time and control your life. It is very nice to know that you've also overcome one such phobia with your will power.

  3. Being afraid is as human as being brave to get read of it. Inspiring read.

    1. Thanks Mr. Durga Prasad. It is all in the human mind and nature. We just need to learn how to control them instead of them controlling us.