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Nathan Hope. Does anyone know who this person is?

Well, all the selfie lovers must thank him because Nathan Hope, an Australian, is believed to have used the word "selfie" for the first time by sharing an image of his busted lip. In the year 2016, when all the leading phone companies are launching their best mobile phones enhanced with the best cameras, we are so busy documenting our life and cannot afford a moment to be lost.
A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.
- Eudora Welty
In the good old days, when taking a photograph was not a daily affair and the limited photo collection we had was very precious to us. Be it a childhood photograph or a wedding photograph, it is always so close to one's heart which reminds us of our special time spans in our life. In the age when no facebook, instagram, or pinterest existed and the development of photographs took more than extra effort, we always ensured that we should make memories of our special occasions.

According to some memory researchers, photographs have an impact on the memory. Although this impact is not always encouraging, it helps in improving memory. If it is a family photograph, it helps in reviving the relationships.

Having thought about any such photograph which I cherish forever is my childhood picture with my father when I was a few months old. This picture brings back the memories of my childhood. This picture has been so close to my heart because my father and I shot a similar picture 29 years later and we were totally unaware of the fact that we were creating another version of it. In all those years, smiles haven't changed and so is the bond between father and daughter, the only thing that has changed is our geographic location.

1984 (Punjab, India):

2013 (Toronto, Canada):

It is the wonder of the old photographs which makes me think that how much I miss being a child. I am sure that the photographs I take today will also make a memory which I can cherish with my next generation.


  1. Hmm! picture perfect. The two pictures say a lot and will hold a lot of memories for you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really liked the phrase ". . . we always ensured that we should make memories of our special occasions." Indeed, now photography has become a routine business and the photos do not carry much weight. Most of the time they are just taken and posted directly on social media. They are not even looked at, at least not that frequently as compared to the photographs of earlier time.

    1. Yes, Amit. I agree with you. Now a days, we are so busy taking frequent pictures. We forget to cherish the moment right when it happens and put all our efforts to capture it so that we can look at it later. In the good old times, we used to enjoy the moments more!

  3. Photographs speak a thousand words...even more if they are old & priceless!!!
    In the age of digital camera's, cell phones and other networking apps, some people (including me) still have those prized possessions printed on mat/glossy papers with old photo albums that give you happiness and internal satisfaction that those priceless moments are still with you :) today and always
    Kudos to those point and shoot old fashioned cameras and thanks to those old time photo studios who developed them...I still remember that old studio near my house "Vijay Studio" and it's still there yayyyyy!!!! :P

  4. I second your opinion Harry. We keep those prized possessions with us because it took us extra effort to produce those memories unlike today when we just keep clicking pictures needlessly for the sake of just putting them on social media to showcase them to the world. It barely matters to someone else what matters to you the most. Now a days, a memorable moment is not captured, it has been "Selfied".