Let it go - Forgive but never forget

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Almost everyone has been hurt by someone's actions or words. Perhaps your boss is having a bad day at work. He may have treated you badly today and you have, in turn, vented out your anger at your family. This vicious cycle of hurt and anger goes on and nobody gains anything from it, rather it fills life with depression, bitterness and even vengeance.

Holding grudges against someone who has hurt you so badly is only going to worsen your situation. Negative feelings will overcome any positivity left in you. Your relationships with others will have an impact of this as well and will perhaps lose value. Apart from being anxious and depressed, your life will be swamped with your own bitterness and sense of injustice.


Here comes the power of forgiveness which only a strong person can possess. It is very easy to hold on to the anger and the grudge against the person whose actions or words have disturbed you. When a person's self-esteem or pride is injured, it discourages the person's forgiveness ability.

As mentioned above, it is only going to make you more irritable, restless, impatient, physically and emotionally sick. By forgiving, we are not only giving the other person another chance but also to ourselves to let it go and move on. It is, as we all know, not easy but it is definitely worth your mental well-being.

Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die. Anne Lamott

Forgiveness can result in healthier relationships and one can be psychologically fit. It is completely wrong that forgiveness is a sign of weakness and it lowers one's self esteem. Instead, forgiveness is only a virtue of a person with high self-esteem. Forgiving someone doesn't necessary mean that you are denying the other person's responsibility but it is about you getting your inner peace and moving on. A weak person will always find the easy way and will blame others.


Our life teaches us a lot of lessons. We tend to learn from our mistakes. We need to take what we can learn, be mindful of the lesson and move on. In the situation where we are hurt by someone, we can learn more about ourselves as what pushes our button, how insensitive we are and how we handle such situations. The more we learn about ourselves, the more control we have on our emotions. We tend to prepare ourselves in advance when such situation arises again and let nobody affect us emotionally. Therefore, it is essential to remember and learn from what happened so that we gear ourselves up for the future.

Letting it go is, definitely, not an overnight practise but if we expect others to forgive our mistakes as soon as possible why shouldn't we do it too?


  1. Good post. FORGIVENESS is a supreme quality. It takes huge amount of courage to forgive people. Also, it is quite true that we must learn from past experiences and must not forget the learnings.

    1. Exactly, we tend to learn from our past mistakes and come out stronger, more mature and more peaceful. That is how we learn to forgive easily.

  2. You have made an interesting point - that it's wrong to think that forgiveness lowers your self esteem. True, so true - but how many people know this?

    1. That's absolutely correct Kalpanaa. It is a human behaviour that we like to get compensated when someone hurts us. It is a sad reality that not many people think that forgiving actually shows the stronger side of their personality over the offender.