Epiphanies of growing up

epiphanies of growing up - incredible opinions

If I could have a time machine, I'd like to go back to my childhood where I could relive my childhood memories. The time when we were selflessly loved by everyone without being judged, playing in the street with friends and cousins, playing and dancing in the rain, fighting and forgetting the differences soon after and just being plain innocent. All the little things in which we look for happiness now, we took them for granted when we were children. I also miss my childhood as badly as most people do. Here I am recollecting some important things which I still cherish about my childhood memories and I wish I could bring them back!

Sibling Rivalry

Being a middle child, I confess that I threw the most number of tantrums in the family when I was very young. I always complained that I've been loved less than my older and younger siblings which I knew was the easiest way to get more love and attention and it always happened so. It was so easy to blackmail parents emotionally just by crying a little (I realize now that they knew it all that I was just pretending to cry) when you knew that someone is looking at you and they cared for your every single childish complain/demand you have.

I miss that time because when we grow old, throwing tantrums hardly work when you need more love and attention. There is no innocence at all in adults. Trust me, if you throw temper tantrums, you may be diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder which can negatively affect your relationships. I miss the closeness with my siblings and family. We love each other but the geography and time has separated us. I miss eating together, playing together, sharing, and sleeping together.

Playing with boys

When I was a kid, I used to be a tom boy. I'd spend whole evening playing cricket with my cousins and friends in the street. I used to be the only girl playing in the sun with all the boys. When my other cousins (girls) were busy playing with dolls and their little make-up kits, I'd find happiness in running around and playing with bat and ball.

I wish that time could come back when there was no wall in the society which could define that girls can only play in girl's team. A lady has to put on makeup to look attractive and she is constantly judged on how she looks. When being in the sun requires sunscreen lotions and being a nerd makes you less attractive, it is called adulthood!

Making Friends Easily

I used to have so many friends when I was in school and I would make friends so easily. Talking to someone and asking too many questions were never weird and annoying in childhood. I had always been the first one to approach and was never afraid to self-disclose. As a child, we live in a moment and never think of a friendship as an investment.

As adults, we think too much before making friends. Unlike kids, we tend to put so much effort in any relationship and always think of the outcome of the relationship before even starting one. We are afraid of opening up to each other. I wish there could be unconditional love between friends in adults too!

As we grow old, our experiences tend to scare us for any change and we become more suspicious of anything new. I wish I could go back in time when as a child, I would explore this world with my curious eyes, bold ideas, wild creativity and optimism.


  1. Adulthood is expensive because of all the lotions and potions it needs for 'protection' from various evils 😊

    1. Hahaha very true! There was no artificiality in childhood and they trust each other more than we adults do.

  2. Childhood is really precious for many of us as it's a golden period which we never forget.

    1. That's true Harsha. I wish we could have those days back!

  3. childhood is the best part of life haahaaahaaa.......