10 Public Transport Etiquettes one must follow

10 public transport etiquettes one must follow - incredible opinions

Public transport is a bliss for those who travel everyday. I travel 78 kilometres to work everyday using public train. I prefer public transport to driving for myself because of its advantages over driving by myself. It takes you from one place to another without worrying about driving when you are tired, no parking problem, cheaper option than spending money on petrol and it is environment friendly as well. Since public transport is shared by so many people, it comes with some common etiquettes and rules which we all should practice with respect and courtesy.

 I have compiled a list of some of the public transport etiquettes, based on personal experience and shared by friends, which can be practised to ensure a positive experience for everyone using the public transport.

  1. Wait in a line: When you are waiting for the bus/train to arrive, it is courteous to stand in a proper queue. When the bus/train arrives, it is respectful if you let people who are in the queue ahead of you board the bus/train first. Do not push anyone and wait for your turn.
  2. Let passengers exit first: Do not try to board the bus/train when there are other passengers who are ready to get off the bus/train. Let them exit first so that there is enough room for everyone to get in the bus/train rather than stuffing the bus/train and making it difficult for the exiting passengers. 
  3. Do not block seats: If you have paid for one seat then use only one seat in the bus/train. Do not block other seats with your bag, luggage or your legs. Other passengers have the same right to use the seats in the bus/train as you.
  4. Do not lean against the pole: If you don't get a seat in a crowded bus/train and you are standing, you should be considerate about the other standing passengers. The poles in the bus/train are there to hold while standing and to avoid any fall off. Do not lean against them so that there is no space for other passengers to grab it while standing and consequently, causing inconvenience to them. Always stand parallel in the direction of the moving bus/train to avoid falling off. 
  5. Make space for everyone: If you are sitting on the outer seat and your adjacent seat is vacant in the bus/train, let other people use it. Make a way for them to pass through nicely rather than frowning at them as if they have disturbed you. Also, remove your backpacks or heavy bags while standing and place them near your feet so that you can make more space for other passengers.
  6. Do not talk loud: Another courteous behaviour we all should practice in the public transport is to control the level of noise. Do not talk with your friends or anyone in the bus/train loudly. Avoid talking on the phone loudly as well and put your phone on vibration mode so that it does not ring loudly in the bus/train making other passengers uncomfortable. Make conversations quietly as you are in a library, respecting the fellow passengers. Others may be reading a book or taking a nap after a long working day. 
  7. Respect the seating priorities: If certain seats are reserved for disabled, elderly or pregnant ladies, respect the priority seating. If you are not disabled, elderly or pregnant and are sitting on one of the designated priority seats, it is respectful and required to give up your seat for a person who needs it more than you.
  8. Keep the volume down: It has been so common these days that people have their earphones banging with such a loud music that it is audible to everyone in the bus/train. Keep your music to yourself only and turn down the volume so that it is only audible to you. It is not only bad for your own ear drums to listen to loud music but also causing inconvenience to other fellow passengers.
  9. Avoid eating food with pungent smell: It is always advisable to avoid food and drinks in the public transport and be considerate about the fellow passengers. A bottle of water is acceptable but eating food with pungent smell makes the fellow passengers so inconvenient. This malpractice not only can cause litter or spills in the bus/train but also makes fellow passengers disgusted at what or how you are eating.
  10. Respect transit time: When your stop is about to approach, try moving closer to the doors of the bus/train so that you do not waste any more time to get off. Respect the transit time as well because they also respect you and your time making you reach your destination on time safe and sound.
If you can think of any other public transport etiquette, please share in the comments.


  1. Nicely compiled list, should be followed. But I don't think it can be followed in India because of the population density & lack of resources, even if forced.

    1. Thank you Ashish. I agree but somewhere someone has to start it someday.

  2. All the aspects should be implemented in India also. And I want to add one more thing people should also maintain the hygiene control body odour affecting other people.