New Wedding Promises

837 days since we got married but it seems like we were hitched just yesterday. The memories of the d-day are so fresh in the mind that we feel like newly wed couple. Even though we knew each other for 6 years, but marriage is the sacred bond that connected our souls and minds. It sealed our relationship with commitment, trust and the promises we hold for each other. In our case, two different personality traits came together and proved "Opposite Attracts" correct!

He, himself, is a promise that I'll have a friend forever.
The wedding vows at the altar, which we both made, are the promises we'll keep forever to keep our relationship strong and interesting. A happy married life consists of these wedding vows to be reprocessed along the way of wedding journey, so I have the following 7 #kasams (promises) for my better half to make again.

So dear Mr. Husband, if these promises seem overly-demanding to you, you still have no choice!

  1. Not taking much time to get ready : Please do not try and change 10 different outfits to see which one looks better on you, when we have little time in our hands to go to an occasion. Yes, in our case, it is the man of the house who takes more time to get ready and not the woman. It is really annoying to wait in the car by myself and see you coming out with different outfits every 5 minutes and asking me how do you look. Even though I say that you look absolutely fine, I do mean it. You have to believe me and get in the car soon. However, you do remember the little time we have to make it to the occasion when you are reminded of the mess you just made with all the tried outfits. So be ready on time and keep the mess of tried outfits away!
  2. Selfies & photos : I always have plenty of time in my hands while waiting for you in the car,  please do not get annoyed when you see me pouting and taking selfies of the outfit I wear while waiting for you. If I ask you to be included in the selfie, please pout with me to have a couple selfie. We can share these memories with our future kids that how we both looked when we didn't have them. Also, when it comes to taking pictures of snow, rain or anything that looks picturesque to me, please do not get annoyed at over usage of the SD card. You can always buy me one, right?
  3. New phones : Yes, this is my 4th phone in 2 years but atleast I make full use of it unlike you, who hardly use the phone. I may be very careless in using them or dropping them (always accidentally) but I don't do it deliberately. Please don't count the number of phones I broke and don't remind each time the only phone you have been using for the last 4 years since you are very careful in managing gadgets. Please consider the usage as well....who uses it more?
  4. Be a bollywood drama "King" :  Since you bring office work to home, I can understand that you always have work pressure. I don't complain for you not giving me enough time as I go through this too but when I call you at your office number to just say Hi!,  please respond more than ...."I am busy". I also work in an office and make my boss look like I am making a work related call to another department. How can you not pretend it and talk to me for more than 10 seconds? Bollywood movies come in handy and please follow them when you don't know how to speak to your wife "in disguise" from your office. Please write more than "K" as a reply in your texts when I ask you something in minimum 200 words.
  5. Listen to hindi romantic songs Another #kasam (promise) I need you to make is that when a romantic hindi song comes to play on car radio, you won't change the channel and listen to political debates. I crave for news too but not the debates. Our car turns into a political ground where we both have different opinions (Remember? different personality traits!). So please don't ruin the short ride from home to the train station as this is the only time in the morning when we see each other before a long working day!
  6. Believe in my physical strength : You have to let me give you a hand in shovelling the snow from our driveway. You cannot keep on doing it by yourself since it needs a lot of power and energy. If you can lend me hand in household chores, I can definitely lend you my hand in shovelling the snow or any other work which requires physical energy. I cannot be mean seeing you doing all the heavy weight lifting work by yourself.
  7. Keep soothing me when I am angry & comply to all the above ones :  You seem to be doing a good job in ending arguments and I want you to keep doing it every time we argue on something. Every time I throw a tantrum, please be my side and soothe me how you always do. I am so used to your appeasing so I just want you not to lose your patience and keep doing it as I'd love to be soothed by you for no reason. 

You are a complete man who completes me as a Woman. I owe my existence with courage to you and loved being your partner in crime. There may be few people on earth who get married to their best friends and I am lucky to be one of them. I cannot ask for anything better than a partner like you to share my happiness and sorrows while getting old with you. Thank you for being there always and make me enjoy my Womanhood.

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