When Virat Kohli defended Anushka Sharma

When Virat Kohli defended Anushka Sharma - Incredible Opinions

Virat Kohli, with his performance, won our hearts yet again. I am a die hard fan of his batting style too but I am not talking about his most recent fantastic knock against Pakistan and Australia in World Cup T20. I absolutely loved his performance on social media today when he defended his ex-girlfriend, Anushka Sharma from a spate of trolls.

Anushka Sharma, a famous bollywood actress, who once was in a relationship with Virat Kohli, has to bear the brunt each time Virat Kohli succeeds or fails to score runs. If he scores and saves India from a defeat, people thank Anushka for leaving him and if he fails, they blame her to be in his life.

Most recently, Virat scored 82* of just 51 balls and helped India to save a berth in semifinals in World cup T20. When most of his fans were thanking him for his much needed and absolutely amazing knock, some fans were busy trolling Anushka Sharma instead and were thanking her for leaving him so that he can concentrate more on his cricket.

This is probably not the first time when Anushka Sharma is trolled but as wise and mature she is, she decides not to be affected by these idiotic trolls. She never responds to them and have always moved on in her life graciously.

Virat Kohli, showing self-respect and sensitivity, defended her this time on twitter and instagram. He spoke in her defence who always get agonized due to their past relationship.

Freedom of speech is not a licence to be stupid.
Just because we have freedom of speech,  it does not mean that we have a licence to abuse someone publicly. It just shows how responsible citizen we are towards our society and how illiterate we are, not forgetting to mention that it also shows the side of such mindsets where it is considered very convenient to suppress or malign any women easily. If we have freedom to post anything on the social media, we have to act with sensibility and compassion. When compassion is lost in the name of freedom of speech, we are no different than animals!