Elephants Can Remember - Book Review

Elephants Can Remember - Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Elephants Can Remember ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Classic, Mystery, Thriller
Author:  Agatha Christie
Published in:  November 1972
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“Elephants can remember, but we are human beings and mercifully human beings can forget.” ― Agatha Christie, Elephants Can Remember


After reading Agatha Christie's top three best-sellers, I decided to dive into yet another book of hers featuring Hercule Poirot "Elephants Can Remember". This book had been published in 1972 and is one of the late ones penned by Agatha Christie.

The crime is a double suicide by a married couple some 10-12 years ago. The cause was non-existent at that time. Ariadne Oliver with Hercule Poirot tries to dig into this cold case and wants to know if those were actual suicides or the killer set those up.

Not sure if I have been reading so many crime stories or thrillers, I was able to guess the climax. As always, Christie set the background work brilliantly by throwing pieces here and there in the story.

Ariadne Oliver makes me think of Agatha Christie by her unsatisfied way of reaching out to seek the truth and as an author of crime fiction. Hercule Poirot is not introduced in the book until later which I found something unusual. Christie has referenced her other books smartly in the narration and I am going to read those through next.

Christie books hit me with nostalgia as they reference systems before the digital age. What fascinates me is Christie writes crime and makes her way through the murderer within 200 pages and that too without advanced technology.

If you are an Agatha Christie fan or a mystery book lover, you should read this!