Dark Matter - Book Review

Dark Matter - Book Review - Incredible opinions

Amazing. Mind-blowing. Highly recommended!!!

I haven’t read too many science fiction books but this one tops the charts for me. There is nothing in this book which I disliked and even after several days of finishing it, the story is still living with me in my mind and heart.

Dark Matter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
Author: Blake Crouch
Publisher: Penguin Random House

Blake’s writing is beyond impressive to express such a philosophical and technical story at the same time with such great emotions. The concept isn’t something which I heard for the first time but the story woven around it is beyond explicable.

How many times do we think about a different choice we could have made? This book presents the different choices which exist in a different world and lets us experience them.

This page-turner is an awesome choice for an action-packed thriller. I was completely engrossed until the end and didn’t want it to finish. Completely unpredictable, this book offers thrills, love, emotions, science and mystery.

I cannot wait to read more of Blake’s work.