The Passengers - Book Review

The Passengers - Incredible Opinions - Book Review

The Passengers  ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Author - John Marrs
Publisher - Penguin Random House

My second book by John Marrs after “The One” and John did it again for me. I love his sci-fi writing and the concept of future he presents doesn’t seem too far from the present. It almost seems realistic with his supporting facts and figures.

The Passengers is about the self-driven cars being used sometime in the near future in Britain where eight passengers are stuck in their individual self-driven (autonomous) cars because a hacker has hacked into their car’s system and they are set to a fatal collision. The decision is left to the public whom they want to save as they can save only one passenger. All the eight passengers have one thing in common as they all are hiding a secret.

The Passengers remind me of my Artificial Intelligence class during college which taught us the fine line between the use and abuse of technology. John Marrs has a commendable writing style and his flow of writing with small chapters and a suspense at the end of each chapter made this book unputdownable for me. Not forgetting to mention the the brilliant job of penning down the multiple characters who never seem to lose the plot. Each character has its own detailed backstory and importance in the plot.

The Passengers offers a bit of warning in a satirical sense and it is entertaining at the same time. If you are looking for a quick, entertaining and, a bit dark read - grab “The Passengers”.