It is worth taking a chance

it is worth taking a chance - incredible opinions

How often have you said this to yourself, "I wish I could have done this!" or "I wish I could have tried it at least once!". The regret of not trying it at least once due to the fear of loss or failure is one of the biggest regrets anyone can have. Some people just don't take the chances because they think that they might look stupid in front of others. Is it worth risking your valuable chance over how you'll end up looking?

It is totally subjective how do we look at different opportunities in life? When some people take everything for granted, someone else is working hard 24x7 for months to have an opportunity to prove her worth only once. When that opportunity knocks at the door of the needy person, she grabs it with both the hands without the fear of failure and any criticism. People will always have a say no matter what. In the end, it is your opinion which should matter to you the most and not other people's. 

Some people are afraid of taking ownership. It is one of greatest signs of people who don't like to take chances in life and don't want to risk it at all. We all learn from our mistakes and grow with each choice we make in our lives. If we ever regret, it is not going to be the one of "not trying". It will always have a positive outcome of "experience". Once we all take the ownership of what we do, it will give us the confidence of trying out new adventures in life and making choices more clearly. 
A ship in a harbour is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.
- John Augustus Shedd

Instead of "could have been", it should be "did happen". Even if it didn't turn out like we wanted, it doesn't mean that our future endeavours will result the same. Now, we have an experience of trying it out at least once. Why do you think companies prefer to hire people with more experience? It is because they have seen the highs and lows, the ups and downs in their profession and the companies they have worked with before. They know how to handle it all. They were once novice too but with choices and chances they made, they are now called "experienced".

In my opinion, if you are not ready to risk it all, it simply means that you are not desperate for it. Take the chance, experience it. If you get what you wanted, you are the winner but if you lose, you are wiser. Life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by taking a chance.


  1. Desperation - that deep yearning for something defines the strength of the quest too...Loved the quotes you used here....

  2. Nice one, Vishakha. Despair alone may not be enough, however; an inner drive is also required, the willingness to take the ship out...

  3. HI Vishakha! I am glad I landed here. Your posts are sound and valuable. I agree with each point you have mentioned. Burden of not trying is much higher than the thought of failure. Life is indeed to short to repent on...