What I have learned in 1 Year of Blogging

one year of blogging - incredible opinions

It all started with a scribble on a paper and it is now 1 year old. Yes, it has been a year since I started writing my blog. Time has flown by and I have enjoyed sharing my personal opinions on this platform. As I have always believed, blogging is, so far, the best medium for me to voice my choice.

I had no previous experience of writing a blog except voicing my opinions on social media. I have been a regular visitor to other people's blogs and share my opinions on different posts they write. It led me to start my own blog where I can ask other people to share their views as well while writing my own on a certain topic. It has been an exciting ride to write a blog and I have been very proud of what I have achieved so far in one year.

If you are thinking to start your own blog, I would like to share some learning experiences which will come handy while starting a blog.


Even if it is a personal blog, stick to the purpose of the blog. Write a blog about what you know the most. Be topical and relevant to the title. Be an expert in your field. There should be a reason why people should come to your blog. If you are writing something which has been written before by someone else, make it more interesting.

Post regularly

You have to be regular in writing your posts on your blog. Consistency is a key to a successful blog. You don't have to write daily. If you choose to write 5 times a day, twice a week or once a month, just stick to that schedule. Your readers who have subscribed to your posts look forward to receive it in their inboxes on time. Failure in compliant to regularity may result in losing your audience and your credibility.

Focus on content

If you are thinking you don't have so much of content to write, you can still write a blog because it is not about how much you write but what do you write. Write a catchy title which can attract readers to your blog. Be concise and do not worry if your blog is not lengthy. Proof-read your blog and if you feel bored reading it multiple times then your readers will feel the same. Quality matters over quantity here.

Social Media

Promote your posts on social media so that more and more people can share your post. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon are some of the famous social media platforms where you can share the link of your blog. Post the link to your blog clearly on social media so that it is easy for your readers to further share it.

Guest Blogging

Invite other guest bloggers to write a post on your blog and try to reciprocate the favour. Keep participating on different blogging forums and share your opinions. Share your blog link where possible and let people know that you've written a post about this particular topic. There are so many competitions online for bloggers where you can participate. This will not only be a learning experience but will drive more traffic to your blog.


Always respond to the comments your readers have posted to your blog. Schedule some time in the week just to read other people's blogs and comment on their posts. You should always be ready to handle negative feedback. People may or may not agree to what you have posted. Be patient and handle it positively.

Monetary Value

Some people write blogs out of passion and some do it as their profession. I started my blog just as a hobby but making little money out of it doesn't hurt. It is not impossible to make money with your first blog but it is not that easy. Google Adsense and other affiliate programs help in making online income with your blog.

These are just few tips that I consider really helpful while setting up your first blog. Blogging needs dedication. If you can spend some time on your passion, you should start writing one!


  1. Really liked this post can't believe it's been a year!

    1. Thanks Madi. You have been a guide in this journey. Thank you!