Life beyond the never-ending rat race

I got teary-eyed when I received a message from a friend on WhatsApp. It was in Hindi but what it all talked about is a story of how a man lived all his life away from his parents in the US and when he went back to India in his final years of life, he realizes that what he earned all his life is just an extra room than what his father has inherited him, at a cost of all the years living separated from his beloved parents. He couldn't even see them on their death beds as he was busy earning money for himself. Did he achieve what he wanted?

Life is all about rat race as they say. Is it really worth it?

Life is a rat race only when you think it is. If you love what you do, it is not a rat race and it serves you a purpose of life. You know what you have to do in life to achieve happiness. If you are just doing something because you have to do it without enjoying it then certainly you are a part of this rat race.

A well-contented life is all about happiness. If your participation in the rat race does not give you happiness and you believe you are not achieving something worthy of your valuable time, quit it and do what makes you happy. Some people keep participating in a rat race because they have long term goals of happiness to achieve in their later life.

We all are running after happiness and the true meaning of our lives. We like to do something which completes our lives and like to be surrounded by people who fill our lives with happiness. We all want to enjoy our lives in the lap of nature, taking gradual breaks from the ever going competition in the modern world's rat race with our loved ones. It is, unfortunately, not possible to be able to provide food for the family while taking such breaks all the time. 

As they say, "No pains, no gains", so just love what you do or do what you love so that you never feel that you are a part of a rat race. 


  1. I am in complete agreement with the thoughts expressed herein.

    Jitendra Mathur

  2. People always find ways to be happy
    The question is:
    Is that the right attitude towards life and are you running behind happiness?

    To some people rat race is important as it keeps them their toes always but for some it's just a race in which they refuse to even participate in..worth a thought!!!
    My opinion is participate in a race but that race should be for adding an extra mile in one's life so that by the end of the day/life you are relieved and satisfied and can sleep peacefully
    Thanks for bringing that up :)

    1. Yes Harry. Life is not worth living if you don't have any goals to achieve. It will be without any value. The answer will be stop grumbling about the rat race and try enjoying it. If this is not possible then find your own race, which gives you contentment and makes your life worthy.