Ordeal By Innocence - Book Review

Ordeal By Innocence - Agatha Christie - Book Review

Ordeal By Innocence ⭐⭐⭐
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Classic
Author:  Agatha Christie
Published in:  November 1958
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“How can I go on living here and suspecting everybody ?” ― Agatha Christie, Ordeal By Innocence


Agatha Christie's standalone mystery which doesn't feature any of her famous detective characters, 'Ordeal By Innocence' is entertaining.

'Ordeal By Innocence' is about finding the right culprit. A young man is wrongly convicted of his mother's murder and he has died in the prison while serving his prison time. An alibi, Dr Calgary, comes forward to prove the young man's innocence only to stir peace and normalcy at Argyle's house. The murderer is someone in the family which is dysfunctional. All the children are adopted and they didn't really like their mother who "adopted" them.

The writing is impeccable. The setup of the Argyle household is descriptive enough to let the reader search for a clue. Christie's subjective opinion about - "All good women long to have their own babies" and "adoption is unnatural, adoptive children and parents never truly and properly bond the way biological children and parents do" was a bit shocking for me but I have to consider the time when Christie wrote these books.

Christie's art of writing too many characters and not confusing the reader is impeccably penned in this book as well.

Overall, a good mystery book. I'd recommend it if you love reading Agatha Christie books.