Fumbled - Book Review

Fumbled Book Review - Incredible Opinions

Fumbled  ⭐⭐⭐
Author - Alexa Martin
Publisher - Penguin Random House

Highly popular on instagram, "Fumbled" made me pick it up as soon as I saw it at the bookstore in Romance section. Needless to say, I enjoyed it and didn't regret picking it up.

A single mother of a nine years old, Poppy, was disowned by her parents when she was 16 and pregnant. Her boyfriend, TK Moore, didn't reply to her text and answered her calls about her pregnancy. TK was a budding football player and her mother thought that fatherhood at this early age would ruin his career so she asked Poppy to abort the child but she decided to keep the child and worked hard to raise the child by herself working in a bar as a waitress wearing uncomfortable clothes against her wish.

Poppy's life takes turn when one night working in the bar, she encounters TK after 10 years. Her love life wants to give a second chance to her as TK reenters her life and wants to live with her and her now 9 year old son, Ace.

Should Poppy give him a second chance? Does second chance guarantee the successful love and family life?

It is my first book from Alexa Martin and it was engaging from all sorts. Single and independent mother, sports romance, sports injuries and second chances at love - enough to keep me engaged. A quick read and the sweet romantic story I've read in a while.

If you are looking for a light and quick read, grab "Fumbled".